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My story

In 2002 I began working with companies who were active in the post-9/11 rush to protect government buildings, military bases, and vital infrastructure from terrorist attacks.  This was important work, and the new regulations from the Department of Homeland Security caused a rush of high-security projects to protect all manner of potential terrorist targets – government buildings, airports, embassies, power plants, military bases, shopping malls, and so on.


 Much of this work still continues to this day and is ongoing because terrorist threats – in America and around the world --are very real.

Rob and Congressman and Jake at SIA event 10 May 2018_edited.jpg

A Weapon of Mass Destruction
What highlighted this realization for me occurred in July of 2003 at a busy Santa Monica Farmer's Market. A 4500-pound Buick driven by an 86-year-old man became a weapon of mass destruction, killing 10 people and injuring 63.  The driver managed to mow down vendors and shoppers and tourists for two and a half blocks -- with nothing to stop him but a few wooden signs and some plastic fence.  Shortly after this incident I was contacted by the press and by attorneys who asked if I could help them to understand how this might have been prevented.

Americans are at risk everywhere they LIVE, WORK, PLAY, AND SHOP! 
Since these events, I have become an expert in vehicle incursion accidents;  I have studied how frequently they occur, their common causes, and the most frequent design or construction failures which lead to them.  I have in the last decade worked closely with people in government, industry, academia, and the military to understand the depth of the problem and the day-to-day cost in damages, lost productivity, medical costs, workman’s compensation claims, and so on.  As a part of this effort I have worked to design, test, manufacture, distribute, specify, and sell thousands of bollards, barriers, and pedestrian safety systems which are now protecting people and property on several continents. 

At least 100 times per per day, a car crashes through the doors, windows, and walls of a commercial or public building somewhere in America.  That’s about one accident every 15 minutes.  Our database of documented accidents is now over 25,000. Almost every one of these accidents could have been prevented for just a few thousand dollars invested in better planning and simple preventive barriers.

People are injured, lives are lost and it doesn't have to be be this way.

That’s why I do what I do.

What people say...

Thomas M

Attorney in Richmond, VA

"Based on your expertise and advice, I was able to achieve a significant settlement for my client who was severely injured in this incident. I hope we can work together on another case in the near future."

Bart W

Attorney, Northern California

"Rob, you were a huge factor in our clients’ success. You added a unique perspective coming from the bollard world. Plus you were an expert on curb-over accidents AND you had accumulated an abundance of key documents. Your analysis was sound and you were very articulate. I have not yet met you but look forward to doing so soon. I feel like you helped to educate me on the key liability issues. If I ever get close to a case like this again you will be the first one I call!"

Mark W.

Co-founder, Storefront Safety Council

"Reiter's own work as an expert ties directly to storefront crashes and pedestrian accidents — specifically their causes, the frequency with which they occur, and the many means of prevention. 'Using the facts supplied, and using my research and knowledge and experience, I offer opinions to the Court that can be used by all parties in the process,' he says.  I can vouch for Reiter's deep knowledge of the subject."

Scott W.

Attorney, Southern California

I hired Rob as an expert in a store crash matter involving a head-in crash of an automobile into a fast food dining room, causing a serious injury to a seated patron.  Rob was a fountain of information regarding store front crashes and the proper use of bollards to prevent these accidents, and was invaluable to our case.  In addition to offering his own expertise, Rob also assisted us in locating an appropriate parking lot design expert, and an excellent architectural expert, to tie down all facets of liability. With Rob's help, we all worked in concert and tied down an excellent settlement result in the case."

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