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Storefront Crash Expert - Analysis includes statistics on causation of crashes, age of drivers, and types of buildings or businesses most frequently struck by vehicles in the US

Our 2014-2021 storefront crash statistics are the most complete ever assembled for accidents of this type.  Federal and State agencies do not gather statistics on accidents that occur on private property (such as shopping centers, strip malls, and roadside locations) so this information will be very useful to researchers, underwriters, risk managers, and safety professionals.

We believe that this is the most complete collection of such data available, and we have been adding this data to that which was collected in cooperation with the Texas Traffic Institute at Texas A&M University starting in 2012.  Our total of documented crashes is now over 20,000 and more and more trends seem to be developing and becoming more clear.

We have collected data on:

  • stated causes of storefront and similar crashes

  • ages of drivers of vehicle involved in storefront and similar crashes

  • category of buildings and businesses struck

  • vehicle-into-building crash by percentage rate for each state, ranked against each state's percentage of licensed drivers in the US.

A note about our accident numbers:  Our research turns up crashes (limited to commercial or public buildings, transit stops, public areas, and other non-residential structures) using anecdotal and media reports, court records, fire department run records, and published studies.  These are then analyzed for details such as cause, age of driver, type of building and other information, and are then added into our growing database. 

Most Frequent Causes

Operator Error                                          22%

Pedal Error                                                17%

DUI                                                            15%

Traffic Accident                                         12%

Medical                                                       6%

Ramraid / Crash and Grab                        9%

All other causes                                        21%

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