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"Ram raids" "Crash and Grab" "Theft by Vehicle" Different terms describing the same problem -- thieves often use a vehicle to gain entry into a store, warehouse, or facility in order to steal high value items.  Unfortunately, this results not only in the loss of the stolen inventory, but also leaves a huge trail of costly destruction that has to be repaired.Every day, as many as 100 thefts are carried out in this way -- no one really knows how many.  But the problem is severe, and is not going away any time soon.  Most frequently, thieves go after high value targets such as ATM machines, or expensive electronics, guns, and jewelry.  Sometimes, they go after more impulsive items, like liquor or cigarettes or lottery tickets.And then sometimes, they crash into a store and cause thousands of dollars in damage for a banana.  No really -- a banana. View video below.Crash and Grab Ram Raids are costly, dangerous, and very preventable.  Ask anyone who has been hit two or three times and THEN taken the simple measures to prevent the next one!

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Chicago-area crash-and-grabs confound retailers, experts -  Chicago Tribune December 2014
Gone In Sixty Seconds: ATM "crash and grab" crime on the rise   --  ATM Marketplace April 2014
Three Crash and Grab Ram Raids in Three Days at Florida Cell Phone Stores  --  Rob's Blog entry

Ramraids: Sometimes ORC, Sometimes Drunken Stupidity - Rob's interview with Security Director News
Smash, Grab & Flee -- Rob's interview with STORES Magazine
Ram-raiders Have Hairy Target  -- Rob's follow-up interview with Security Director News

NBC News coverage of the rash of Crash and Grab ram raids by gangs --  Chicago Illinois
$20,000 in damage at convenience store Crash and Grab in failed theft of ATM -- Houston Texas
$50,000 in damage to a convenience store in failed ATM theft  -  Norwood Ohio
Cameras shop victim of smash and grab through block wall  -  Houston Tex
Five crash and grab ram raids using stolen pickups - Jacksonville Fla
Gun Shop Loses 70K
 in Merchandise After Smash and Grab, - Coweta County, GA
'Smash & grab' burglars hit Westside store - Jacksonville, FL
Thieves pry open convenience store ATM - Fairburn, GA
Still no arrests after 18th smash-and-grab robbery - Winter Haven, Fla
Attempted theft of ATM in Oak Cliff - Dallas, TX
Thieves crashed into store, stole thousands in merchandise - Harlingen, TX
Rash of Detroit ATM thefts puts gas stations on guard - Detroit, MI

NBC News coverage of recent organized gang "Crash and Grab" robberies in Chicago
Thieves Use Van To Crashes Into DMV Steal ATM  -  East Point, GA
Thieves Crash Van Into GA DMV Steal ATMs - Atlanta Area, GA
Raw Video: Thieves Crash Van Into Store - Mobile, AL
Thieves Crash Truck into Lexington Store - Lexington, VA
Thieves Caught Unpacking Entire Apple Store With BMW X5 - Los Angeles, CA
Thief Rams Car Into Store To Steal One Banana - Newton, CT

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