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20 Customers Injured when driver crashes into a restaurant in Plantation, Florida

Storefront crashes happen over 100 times per day. In this case, a driver was apparently parking in front of the unprotected restaurant, and accidentally presses the accelerator rather than the brake. Such "pedal error" or "pedal misapplication" incidents are the most common causes of such storefront crashes.

Here is the car inside of the restaurant, after emergency workers cleared the 20 injured customers (12 were hospitalized.)

With almost 5,000 vehicle-into-restaurant crashes on record (out of over 30,000 total incidents) the Storefront Safety Council dataset continues to track these accidents and show trends and risks to property owners, insurance companies and underwriters, and business owners. Below is a photo of the front of this restaurant -- notice that it is unprotected, with nose-in parking pointed directly at the glass frontage of the building:

Unprotected storefronts created danger for employees and customers, and liability for businesses and property owners. Solutions are affordable, effective, and available.

Here is the link to the story of this mass casualty incident:

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