Another unnecessary death at a San Jose restaurant at an unprotected outdoor dining area.

Not for the first time, a vehicle crashes into an unprotected outdoor patio dining area at a restaurant in San Jose California. This time, it was a drunk driver who backed into the dining area, killing one and injuring several. These accidents are foreseeable, especially at establishments that serve alcohol, because of the increased risk of impaired drivers losing control of their vehicles, and because there was no vehicle stopping barrier placed between customers and employees in the patio area and the parking lot.

In this case, there was nothing protecting diners from oncoming vehicles that could accelerate in the direction of diners. Here is a link to the story, which includes video:

The Storefront Safety Council database details more that 24,000 incidents of vehicle-into-building crashes. Not surprisingly, restaurants represent a very high percentage of these incidents -- and due to the need for social distancing during the Covid-19 shutdowns in California, the Agave Sports Bar joined a great many other restaurants in San Jose in hastily setting up outdoor dining facilities onsite. In this particular instance, it is very clear in the photo below that the operators of the Agave Sports Bar failed to protect to patrons and staff when setting up patio dining areas:

We have seen in our data collection a surge in accidents involving #curbsidedining and #outdoordining in the last year, something like 8 times previous years totals. Such failures to protect show a pattern of negligence which in this case is extreme. A young woman killed and other diners injured because of a lack of safety planning and basic risk management.

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