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Rob Reiter - Your expert in perimeter security and retail and pedestrian safety

For the last five years, I have been privileged to put together the Capitol Hill Symposium series with the Security Industry Association. Each year, we invite speakers and presenters from government, industry, agencies, and professions to bring clarity to complex questions and raise the level of communication across the security industry to pressing issues.

In past years, we have heard speakers on such topics as hostile vehicle attacks, the SAFETY Act, best practices in the UK and Europe, emerging threats from terrorist groups or lone wolf actors, congressional legislation, and much more. This year we put together a hybrid program -- three presenters in the morning provided government agency perspectives on the need for innovation and more consistent application of best practices across ballistics, blast mitigation, and hostile vehicle mitigation practices, and two specialist presenters in the afternoon speaking about new tools to employ when developing Threat Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (TRVA) for facilities, crowded spaces, and critical infrastructure. As Chairman of the Perimeter Security subcommittee, the Capitol Hill Symposium allows me to encourage different voices and bring forward new and different topics to the industry. The value of this series is clear -- increasing levels of participation, sponsorship, and requests to present. Here is the write-up on our most recent event from The Security Industry Association: Click here

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